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You could arguer that we experience a low resolution version of reality, we aren’t aware of DNA strands, the skin cell separation or skull shapes when we converse with another human being.

On the other hand, we can say instead that we have a focused resolution of attention. Because if we were of aware of everything of a person - their teeth disposition etc. it would cause a failure to connect with the person.

Or we can say, we don’t NEED this resolution to connect with the person, they are beyond that, and we are using our attention for what matters when connecting with osmeone..

Its not to say it isn’t important.. it is…but it is to say that it isn’t low resolution to not be aware of it. For to say that would be to cheapen our experience of reality.

I like to see it as a focused resolution. Because we are in fact aware of the microscopic cells…maybe not by the human eye, but bby tools that were invented by the human eye - these tools could be seen as etensions of ourselves. And we can shift our focus to these when the time is right. So our resolution is in essence compartmentalized.

and so when i see somebody moving their arm- i only see one action of them moving their arm- i don't see the blood vessels etc.

But I needn’t know the skin cell disposition or the blood type of my father to love hum- it is a non sequiter - there is something to be said about that. that to see EVERYTHING of life at maximum resolution is in some sense to rob us of our most precious things in life- which is ironic, seems contradictory but so profound.

to see everything all at once is to lose something. to miss out on something. perhaps this is why god made itself into human form, with it's supposed “low” resolution form. because in some sense there is beauty to low resolution. there is a beauty to grain, old film stock, vintageness, imperfections. the overproduction and sterizarion of modern society's perception of beauty in music and art and film, extended to the human body itself with flashes of stereotypical models who are lhotopoed perfect- robs us of our natural beauty. there is a beauty in grain, noise, blur, distortion. -link this with essay on exist by limitation?- link with essay on how i love degradation?

  • bandwidth of attention.