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existential, original suffering. is struggle and discipline relative or absolute?
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

how the idea that i am suffering less than a poor 3rd world person is a myth. that americans in general are suffering less than 3rd world countries.

the idea of an overarching metric or spectrum by which we place and compare ourselves to others is false. my suffering is unique to me, not something easy quantifiable where one can assume i suffer less than somebody in the 3rd world. my struggles are just as profound as what some else's may be.

it isn't obvious to me that my suffering is any less or more than someone else's.

As I sit here watching annihilation, an incredibly  small part of me is protesting the fact that my weighted blanket is not on me, like wtf. So petty! Or is it…?

Within the confines/domain/context ofthe situation, such a circumstance is felt as though I had left my water bottle across the desert field and that I have to go back to it.

The question is-why do I feel the same level of annoyance in both scenarios? Surely the latter is more significant than the former?

  • talk about how somebody like jocko willink would have a higher threshold pain/discipkine, so doing 100 pushups form is as much a strtruggle as newbie doing 10 pushups-that is to say, they are both virtuous and valid, and jocko isn’t actually “better” or more disciplined..

“you live in a nice house, how hard can your life be?” - as if there’s some sort of universal  spectrum or continuum in which we all fall upon…at least one that is measured simply by materialism.

the struggle to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom may be as much of a struggle as a prisoner getting tortured (extreme example, depending on if that prisoner has becoming accustomed to it). if you have a system that compares the two together, then it may appear that the prison torture is worse than going to the bathroom, but if the person going to the bathrooms never cultivated any “ struggle muscle” from previous struggles, this TO HIM may seem like torture (like someone who has never experienced torture), even though to most of use it seems intuitive that the tortureewould be worse.

in the same way, a homeless person who is used to starvatoion, hunger, cold, and a hard floor would endure less pain/struggle than a rich man who ho underwent thgast for a. week.

makes you think about prior conditions " your grit wa

can talk about jock willink too. eventually discipline is superseded by conditioning

"staying alive is as good as it gets" 28 days later.

this could make one think that theyve realized that staying alive is enough and is the purpose - but thats only because they are in the context in which everything is all shit and dangerous around them.

its not like you can apply that framework of thinking and morality to normal existence, hereby attempting to make anything extra from living as amazing and a blessing- (one should be doing that anyway but not from a relative point of view-but absolute).

its discompatible, and a dissonance of context