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"if you really love me and want to make me happy, don't cheat on your girlfriend"
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

the idea that if a guy has a girlfriend, but is tempted to betray his girlfriend for another woman—

he isn't just betraying his girlfriend, he is betraying the underlying, universal archtype of love and trust, and thus to betray his current girlfriend would be to betray the other girl too, it would hurt a part of her femininity too.

you can apply this all facets of relationships.

and thus i should not or need not be jealous when i see someone i like to have a boyfriend, for that beautiful energy of love represents me too, and i shouldnt try and ruin that or infilitrate it. for the girl to hurt the guy is to hurt me too in a meta sense, not because we are one consciousness, but because we share the same archtype/a prior structure.