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we have total free will, or: you dont want total free will/conventional free will, free will is not what one may think it is.
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

we have total free will/ see convo with sriram september 2020

"There’s an argument to be made that you are the totality of your existence- and that you are indeed in control of everything

Including your heartbeat

Think of it this way- free will is when you act upon a choice you want. You wouldn’t WANT to have the choice of varying your heartbeat- because thats dangerous

Your body is working in accordance to what is actually ideal for you and what it can do

If you have perfect infinite free will- the outcome would be the EXACT same

You would control your heart to beat in the exact same fashion

And thus you can extrapolate to say that you indeed are doing so. And you wouldn’t want to suddenly change your heart beat to prove to yourself you can do it- same way you wouldn’t want to throw yourself off the balcony to prove you have the choice to do so

Flip side- this is an argument that states that it’s actually BETTER that you can’t exercise these choices

Whatever is happening right now is the best outcome for yourself- and the awareness of that actually improves your life- not makes you feel entrapped

If existence was built such that people were hurling themselves off rooftops due to something inside them telling them to do so- we would have an existential problem- but most, normal heathy sane people don’t have that inclination.

logic, reason and rationality- in their purest, non-ideological form- are actually all good, because they prevent us from killing ourselves. so despite it robbing us of free will, we wouldn't want to have such free will in the first place."

i am god with amnesia

also this gets super fucked up- because you can extrapolate this and come to the conclusion that you control other people. but they also control you in a sense. in a sense we are one consciousness. where do i end and where do you begin? and thus i am controlling you, and you are controlling me. it is the same governing force, intimate yet impersonal. it is a strange realization, and the idea that you control yourself, and other people control themselves, but that you also control each other may first appear to be contradictory. but if you think about it and grant the premise that we ALL HAVE THE SAME I, the same SELF. then if i were you, i would do exactly what you are doing right now. i would just be you. so when seeing other people, if you were in their shoes, you would literally be doing the exact same thing as them and thus are exactly them- link with reincarnation or we are all one essay?