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small actions

invisible changes



not immediate perception

That’s why perception can’t be fundamental to reality- it doesn’t notice trajectory or time.

Impervious to external influence.

Use time as a force, a power.

You’re blind to your own powers.


You cannot make choices based on your eyes. You must make choices based on a deeper underground bedrock of reality- your philosophy.

Perception is simply a user interface that navigates for trajectory. The user interface for philosophy. The thing that drives.

lamp is not a lamp, it is god becoming.






serjan - sees time as blood, super fluid

if you see a particle spiraling- you only ever see the particle in a moments time- that’s what your eyes see. But the deeper reality is the trace that the particle makes over time- the fibbonaci trace. The thing which transcends time is the fibbonaci

It alludes to how time is essentially an invisible force that can work with or against you. And how your immediate perception blinds you from the truth. Since we are gravitated towards actions that lead to immediate consequences, we neglect invisible results.

We end up treating our immediate perception as what’s true (this piece of cake didn’t make me any fatter- this push-up didn’t make me any slimmer)- but this blinds us from the deeper reality of trajectory.

Trajectory is a truer reality since that is what stays true over time. With you or against you.

You only ever see the particle flowing in a one position at any time- you do not see the more fundamental reality of the fibonnaci sequence- the pattern of reality that exists across time.

It’s this sequence that you want to gain power from. This underlying philosophy can allow you do anything you want- lose weight, build relationships and become successful.

With this you see time as a force, not just a measurement. It’s the power of cultivation vs. results. You don’t want weight loss results- you want weight loss cultivation. That’s how you attain goals. You cultivate them.

Fibonnaci exists everywhere in everything. And our perception blinds us from this since we don’t see the spirals across time- we only see the particles frozen in the immediate now.

And the funny thing is cultivating is so easy- it’s just easy actions sustained over time.

Results imply immediacy- greatest illusion and fabrication of society. We see successful people as straining results, clear “block” results- when in reality things are a continuum- a cultivation

There are no such thing as things, simply spectrums of trajectories transforming over time.

I sensed this with Solaris.... watching the truck drive..where was it going? What was its trajectory..? I saw that the truck was bigger than the truck itself. It was also the arrow of time that the truck embodied- it’s direction, it’s flow, it’s drive.

This is probably why music is so incredible. It’s essentially audible trajectory. Constant, spiraling, revelation.

If you heard only one instance of audio, it would sound and look like blocks/particles/blip frequencies-if that, just like the way our universe appears as blocks. Even though we only experience music in each immediate moment- we are able to sense a wave, a trajectory. We experience music s a wave. I wonder how life would be if we experience the universe as a symphony.

That is to say, truth is not a dead fact, it's a living moving, morphing energy.


It’s interesting...small actions across time are as if it was one big action taken at once simply cascaded diagonally.

It’s about transcending time. By staying true over time, and not being blinded or coerced by immediate perception can you truly achieve the depths of greatness.





Begin again





I had lost sight of the slight edge…after years of cultivation, I saw an explosion in results and blessings…scholarships, endorsements, fans, recognition, money, job, strength, weight loss. I thought this was it, this was the fruit of myth for after all this time. Now this is the way reality will always be…but nooo, reality changes! You must keep the trajectory alive, in creative ways. You’re about to see another explosion…

Step 1 was foundation. complete

Step 2 is fruition and flourishment.

Small Movies Ellie…small moves.

hence why persistence is key to all endeavors in life...make new essay on this and make essays on these.... ithe uplifting portion of your thoughts

material reality vs. trajectorial reality.