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i cant hate anything or anyone
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

I cant hate anything or anyone, or at least logically it doesnt make sense too..in the same way i cant hate a mountain...the idea of it itself makes no sense..to

hate a mountain would be to miss the point of what mountain is.the mountain is also a self emerging phenomena out of the pool of existence..it is emergent, it didnt create itself. Just like a son cant truly hate their birthgiver, she s part of the self emergent nature of reality, didnt create herself..maybe.

i cannot hate anybody. of people didn't create themselves. if people don't have free will. this appears to be freeing. as hatred is a self consuming poison. out of this comes compassion and understanding of another's perspective naturally, than hatred- which is resistance of what is vs what you think something ought to be.

it's also that's very person is sort of symbolic of their own identity- like their own image, and story/energy. isness. suchness. such that there is so much diversity in beings and in life, with a multifaceted array of energies, that one can't help but love it all. imagine a son living with his parent, it has revealed to me that she carries with her a unique pattern of energy, and i cannot help but love and appreciate it. same like the mountain.