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belief supersedes reality. or things are not material, but phantoms of mind and of consciousness ideas.
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

the idea of the american flag, with all its layers

(reference 3 layers of being if/when you make it (unless that's this essay?))

the flag is not only cloth with colors, embedded in it is belief and historical etc etc, and three layers of being of it being an archtype and a debate of how the world should be, vision.

one can say those are beliefs. but whenever somebody says that there is an air of it not being as concrete (funny word to use, cause the point i'm making is that concrete is not as concrete as belief) as real reality. but one should not discount beliefs or treat them as dismissive. for all of that is more powerful than the cloth with stripes. a drive within consciousness.

thus does belief supersede reality? or drive reality? vision prior to cause and effect.

what i'm trying to get at—

the flag represents how the workd ought to be—a vision, an embodiment, a philosophy of reality to explore.

and thus a flag is not actually material. surface level it is. but that's not what supersedes the flag. it is a phantom projection of consciousness. phantom meaning empty. can't hold it in your hand.

now it's not to discount reality at all. it's actually the opposite. it's not saying the workd is empty phantom illusion. it is the opposite. one should not discount beliefs etc etc.

it is to say that there is something MORE to life than the materiality. (and i'm not discounting materiality too, for you need all layers of being for it to work. all is as important as the other

). i am simply suggesting the notion of phantom layers of consciousness that we do not see or hear it, but are conscious of it or subconsciously drives us.