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This is one of many reasons why politics so amusing. If I were to pick a side it would reinforce the existence of another side. Opinions, perspectives, arguments, separateness, opposition—all imply and thus render the very existence of the other side. There is a humorous sense of irony here. It is like a dragon eating its own tail.

Within being lies an underlying theme of satire in it all.

reality is satire in many ways, or that is to say, identity and ego are subject to satire in many ways. for example--i have thousands of fans who sought after me to get lessons and i get frequently asked, and people think it's an honor when i speak to them or spend time wjth them. and here i am teaching this young brat (mark george) how to play beginner guitar

because of how confabulated reality is, with all its absurdities and circuitous routes, and a seeming counterintuitive nature of things, it would not be misguided or misplaced to conclude that existence is satire.

that's why satire is so existential - it is a reference of something rather than to portraying /touting itself as the thing itself. reference to phantom essay

a reference of a deeper underlying structure. so yes, part of existentialism is comedy. comedy and humor, and play, can and is very dark, mysterious and existential. i remember seeing my brother dancing like a silly fool in a cisco video. something existential about it (maybe it's its own seperate essay, or can be this essay).

an interesting mental exercise is seeing the world through the lens of satire. to see everything as satire. that everything has a strain or undertone of satire in it.