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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

miles art

That there aren’t an infinite variations of human beings in this universe. Like infinite variations of Roopam Garg or Sam Harris with a smaller nose. There’s just one, a discrete identifyiable person

perhaps my limited perception is unable to resolve the tiny, infinitisimal et infinite about of variants in other people and things. it could be that there actually are an infinite number of variants on objects- but not in that there are infinite objects duplicated across space, but a different kind of infinity - (some infinite's are bigger than others)- and so when i see somebody moving their arm- i only see one action of them moving their arm- not the infinite micro variants- things are resolved?

could be that until we have tools or instrumentation that can zoom in further and further, it might as well be the case that those infinite variants are simply just ONE. so as you zoom out, everything becomes the same, and as you zoom in, you collapse your universe into that variant.

so i am

multiple versions of roopam at once in multverses, until i collapse myself down more and assess my molecular structure variant.

going even more meta-

it may be the case that i am everything and everyone, but as i introspect, and zoom in, i am myself with these arms and legs, but we all have the same sense of self so that's the same, so i zoom in and in and in, diffferentiating ourselves from everyone,

the irony being if you keep introspexting and zoom in and in, you may end up with the same

conclusion (thus retro causation? ← good place to put in block reference!) that we are one !