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society from nothing, something from nothing
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

i, we, have the default sort of assumption or outlook that society was always there, and always will be there, that infrastructures and institutions always existed. but when you realize how society came from nothing, and how it had to be built artisan, you realize and become greater for all it, and are in awe for it. like wow! we made this! we came to a consensus! collective consciousness! and also become concerned of its fragility of it.

same with something from nothing. as i listen to organic shadows by meshuggah. my appreciation of it is so fucking much. so artisan and came from nothing.

the appreciation from something out of nothing can be a tool to really enliven the mind. everything. such as using a computer. imagine somebody who never used one before, they would probably bask in the glory of how incredible such a machien is. and i think we tend to lose this remarkability as we get used to it everyday. which does serve a function, for if we basked in utmost revelation for all things all the time, we may not get anything done. normalcy does have its place. but i wonder if it is possible to be productive (or even more productive) having this constant revelation for all things while also using them. i find myself having this.

also i think i wrote about this elsewhere (kitchen island decanter etc).