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reducing peoples identity
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

interacting with people who work at stores etc. and their identities

When I was growing up, young, when interacting with, say, a shoe store employee, or a fireman, I just had the assumption that thats who they are, thats what they’ve always. Bee, an thats what they will continue to be. I never had any awareness of the causality that brought them there, such as howe they were once young, had hopes and dreams, and how they went through hat I went through, the same college etc (reference that Japanese word that defines the sensation of how everyones life is as complete as your own). So when interacting with them, I never saw their identity as a person, ut just as who they were as workers.

This is how most people interact with waiters, and thats actually how they partly interact with you - the identity of the relationship is closed and reductionistic - to just that very event. But I once read this study/experiment/social experiment (try finding it) where if you talk to a, say, a worker at a retail store, and talk to them and say stuff like “man how as it been working here? Or hey John, you enjoy working here?, you’ve sort of broken the illusory spell of reducing their identity to just the worker, and have expanded the Venn diagram, so to speak, of their identity, that now not just nests their life narrative as just the store worker, which has boundaries of the four walls of store, but is now expanded to include the narrative of their identity as someone who GOT to that position, someone who is not just an employee at THAT store, but someone who WORKS IN GENERAL;. which is to say, you’ve “unlocked”, “revealed”, “opened uP’ their identity to someone who has a life OUTSIDE the store, and you can do this more and more by asking questions about themselves as PEOPLE. We see this manifest all the time, repeat customers go in and see the same workers, eventually they become friends, and through this more questions are asked and the conversation expands outside of work like “hey what’s your favorite movie”and shit. That is to say, by cutting through this illusory identity and expanding it, you’re actually having a more TRUTHFUL interaction with a person - as they aren’t just employees, they are people, who have mothers and fathers, friends, etc. they have concerns, worries, etc. just like you.

So its interesting how intrinsically having more personal conversations, which means more connections, etc, also happens to be more truthful. The same works vice versa, having more truthful conversations is also more personal, and thus, loving, etc. truth=goodness.

Thats why I have a more appreciation for police offers and firemen now. If you see them that way, they are as vunrebale as you, they are people like you, they got to that position via work, and its not like they were born like that.

That is to say, they aren’t empty vessels of an automatic mode of being that simply saves lives in a fire. They actually did save yourself as a human being like yourself. Even though that is their work, if you expand their identity to nest not just their work, but their entire lives, you see how much deeper people truly are, and how you can have a greater appreciation and more connective conversations with people.

Going back to the study I mentioned earlier, in this experiment (talk about it more), if you experimented and tried this out, instead of just approaching a salamisperson as a salesperson but actually as a friend and asked them questions and conversed with them in topics that transcended the 4-walls of their workplace, they actually had a higher chance of giving you a better bargain or deal in the store lol.

But what’s interesting is when I look at people like cenk uyger, Tosin, etc. all these self made, self prophesizing people,

Its like that IS who they are to some extent (although they obviously have lives outside of what they do) but it seems like they were designed/built for that they do, as if they are indeed empty vessels of consciousness that are in perfect harmony and flow with being itself. No clash, no resistance.

I get that same sensation feeling when I see those characters in sim city 4…those heads that bobble up and down - its as if they are there but not there…mysterious…fully automatic…are they aware of themselves? Aware of what they are…or are they fully automatic…is there any semblance of another mode within them? Hard to put into words…but theres something dark and existential about it.

when we see people on the road, we reduce them to their driving. hence why road rage occurs. one could argue that one’s driving habits are a microcosm of how one actually is.

when somebody is being killed- we reduce the suspect to just a killer/ and then we treat them as simply killer.

in closed context situations we therefore project on an archtype to people. to see them as characters

when i was young i always thought adults were always adults etc. not people who have grown from being children. fixed identity, not developed. thats probbaly why those sim city 4 characters/avatars are so existential and mysterious, because that is who they always were...but is it? where did they come from...who are they....their origin...their emergence...their aspiratons, goals, etc. are they conscious? do they know themselves, or are they simply automatic...so existential. and mysterious.