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we are all “i” and it_s implications, multiverse. we are all one.
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what was in your journal- the idea of one is all

and all is one. we are all “i”. scary to think about

the idea of no souls, or one soul

no differentiation

different actions are based on conditions of birth- no free will.

what makes me me, and you you? - i would say at the base level, it'd be position in space? or this is just one factor

Two identitical people- but thrown in a different position and time, which would affect their behavior- are they then the same person anymore?

talk about multi verse here?

What if the conventional view of the multiverse is be wrong. You are the universe, I am the universe, and we are all living parallel lives. What if I am you in a different body.

if we are all one. morality sort of gets twisted- because the person being stabbed by the stabbed deserves it- as the stabbed is the one being stabbed to. i guess it's a question of if it's ethical to stab oneself. but ethical for who? if there's only one mind

we all have an i, and that i is in the same exact place as everyone else's. right in the in the i.

if i were to imagine that i am someone else- i would have the same i. it would be in the same place. everyone has an i that is in the same place, and whenever someone imagines themselves to be someone else, they would have an i. no escape from it.

is really fucke dup if you think about it

the idea of us having different cards we are dealt with just goes out the door, cause we are literally the same person. i am the same person as you. thus i need to let go of y personal identity and find the common denimitaor so to peak

the person being murdered is also doing the murdering…? so is everything nihilistically justified? 1-1

the idea of envy, jealousy, competition goes out the window- evolution being maladaptive to reality- how if we knew we were all one we wouldn't be competitive and thus our species and consciousness could not advance.

find your journal…

thus i am god. if god had a sense of self- it would be exactly like mine- reference the “we are all i” essay.

like i am one with my cat. my cat and i are the same person WTF

you are the center of your own universe

the game of reality is negotioating your center with other centers of the universe

Link to multiverse essay - how everyone has the idea of multiverse incorrect (or incomplete). multiverse/parallel universe rather. WE ARE THE PARALLEL UNIVERSES LIVING SIMULTANEOUSLY. each person!

the problem is that how is it then that i myself am not experiencing all at once at all times. if i am indeed everywhere. the conundrum is that i am still fixed in an individual body. that we are discrete beings. paradox


as such if i hear in the news some guy getting shot-should i cower in existential depression knowing that i am that person?

i don't think so. because of context. i cannot map my current being into another being. i cannot grasp the catastrophe of another being within the context of my being. there can be compassion, but there can never be a truly mapping. as someone who has never been to war, seeing blood and death is probably more harrowing for me than somebody who has. (ref essay on suffering). so context and time and place of the other beings predicament may actually make it be not as bad as what i am making it out to be with my chaos and confusion. or it is bad, but i can't grasp it with my being. or map it properly.

this makes me feel good and deflates my jealousy or other negative human emotions if others, for i am them. i am, in a very real sense, elon musk. i literally am him, simply living in a different conscious experience. same i. but i am also all those who suffer, each person. i go through the entire gamut of conscious emotion and experience...

similarly..rbis makes me feel as though every person is thus a fragment of my mind in some way. that elon musk is the smart man within me (but threats reductionistic if elon musk for he is so much more than that- he breathes, eats, etc.) i guess it's whatever my perception of him is, that is my mirror.

related to solipsism in some way..or that solipsism and "otherness" is not actually mutually exclusive, for if i am all the same person in multiple bodies, then that is wuite actually just one mind then. also related to solipsism in that the idea that people are therefore mirrors of me. they may not be real or maybe they are, but with there just being one consciousness, might as well just be me existing? with mental fragments as people? no.

as if people, all conscious minds, are lined up like numbers. log of numbers. arbitrary. makes you think of the origin of souls. souls being different entities and themselves—thats a lie. there are no souls. there is no origin of souls. there is nothing to truly differentiate origins of consciousness but to have consciousness itself. it makes one think what 1 is, what 2 is, what 3 is. in some sense, all numbers are the same and arbtrary. especially catelogged to infinite. in between numbers and catelogs are differentiations in spacing, with one space next to each other, but space itself is open and infiite, and thus spacings become all the same.

find your journal - fair play with myself.

instead of there being multiple beings who are mothers, rather there is one meta hierachial energy of mother, which manifests across all beings, and this is shared. as a philosophical tool, i can then see this divine feminine mother energy of my mother, in other mothers, and to help them is to help my own mother, and more deeply, to help the meta-mother of consciousness. as such, there are layers to the one being of consciousness. there is the mother layer/energy, in which mothers are tethered to. the father layer. energies of brother, sister, etc. which is divinely expressed in all beings. thus i envision a total macro collective consciousness that inhibits and exhibits these layers.