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everything negates everything.
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

now that i am one identity, i can play around with it. as one consciousness

to apprehend a username is to deny anyone else if it. and thus is to deny me of it.

to own something is to deny anyone else ownership of it which is to deny myself of ownership.

thus to take something for myself is to rob something from myself. to have something coming to me is to have something leaving me.

everything negates everything.

an arm of the multi armed form working with another arm. or cutting it off in a war of holding the same gold.

"we are not under competition, because we are all one".

zero sum. emptiness. voidness. nothingness.

maybe further: (may not include this in this essay):


what if there is intrinsic joy on both sides? joy of giving and of receiving. something that transcends transaction.