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subliminal form of communication
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

existential underground form of communication the analogy drawn between american psycho obsession with fashion and the sexuality of clothing

the idea that clothing is communicative- like "this is what i'm wearing and this is what i'm communicating because of it."

like how van patten is wearing a ralph lauren shirt etc etc.. trying time communicate that he's in the know, wealthy, showing up his status etc in an implicit way/ an underground form of communication, another layer.

same way with seeing women. having the perception that they are communicative something- that they are communicating sex- and eroticism. and i'm heavily drawn to that perception.

like the way girls sit- are they communicating sex? that they want it? are they in a subtle way asking for it? that's what turns me on...i wonder if this is a pervasive thing in the human world.

perhaps one reason why women in the middle east wear what they wear/ because clothing communicates eroticism or the lack of it.

this underground communication is actually more potent than general communication in many ways. body language i guess is a form of underground communication. clothing is another. how one sits is. feet position, how one walks.