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existential retrocausality
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Nov 27, 2021 9:37 PM

the universe is rertrocausal.

we are god becoming. like a magnet.

we are heading into what things ought to be. and because how things ought to be supersede reality—therefore we are heading into how things always were. therefore universal is retro-causal.

if the future requires the deletion of the past, that god becoming requires purification and distillation of what it is not, and of a cleansing then retrocausally...doesnt that mean that if you imagine the universe in revrse, that it would feel as though i am creating? that it would be just like it is now where we feel like we are creating? like if i am archving or delting a post out of existence, to turn something existing into non existing, then to reverse this process woudl be the creation of something fron nothing to something. so when i delete all my older posts in order to follow my vision of god, of god becoming, then retrocausaly that would mean that it would be like creating these....so in some sense what if the universe is like that in total, because there is the likehood that as the universe progresses everuthing just dies and goes from being to non being, through annihalation, so to reverse this would be like the big bang happening again.