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infinite universes, what infinite is
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infinite universes joe rogan butane greene infinite universes, what infinite is

infinite universes infinitely far away

actually, each second is that different infinitely far away universe, each second is its own universe, that was infinitely far away from the previous universe/second ago.

you see—if there was an infinitely far away universe that was a copy of ours, it WOULD EXPERIENTIALY BE THIS UNIVERSE, in terms of consciousness and memory, because if we take the hypothesis that we are one consciousness, that we are somehow in this vat of infinite one consciousness, then it has to do with experience and what it would BE LIKE TO LIVE IN THAT CARBON COPY UNIVERSE- it WOULD SIMPLY BE THIS UNIVERSE. so existential..rush 2 like...if you travel infinitely far into deep black space, you would run into an arrangement of particles that are a carbon copy of this universe, and it would simply be a different moment in time of that universe..so in some sense it's like time travel. space travel is time travel.

there are infinite universes with infinite configurations of me, and each moment i live is its own universe, and traveling infinite far would arrive at another universe of another moment that i had lived/or will have lived/or could have lived.

and so imagining another carbon copy of a roopam garg WOULD JUST BE ME LIVING MY LIFE ACROSS MOMENTS IN TIME!

consciousness and memory are key here...i assume i am roopam garg and not briane greene simply because of memory and material make up, but the consciousness is the same. the memory and material make up and other things i reckon make up my position in space and this infinite vast ocean of consciousness. and then to encounter the same material makeup of a carbon copy of roopam garg would simply just be me, for to imagine WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE TO BE THAT ROOPAM GARG would simply be what it would be like to be me, but a past or future, or possibility version of myself

infinite is not big. we have a misconception idea of what infinite is. me moving my arm through space—it's moving through infinite space.

because, sitting here, we ALL have the same sense of self. we ALL have the first person experience. if i were to imagine what it would be like to be you, you would have a first person sense of self experience. as THUS would my carbon copy, but with a slightly, infinitely small memory change. some of this is terrifying.

as such, expansion is division. cause if you think about it - during or after big bang, the universe isn't getting "bigger", it is actually being divided now into smaller and smaller things, with each new division spawning many many things. like slicing a space again and again. the size was always the same. it's just now being grid sliced rapidly again and again