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things are not just things but more than it. _
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

things are not just things but more than it.

many phantom realities surround objects.

like a bench is not just a bench. it could become a weapon if i throw the bench at someone. it could be a bed. etc. so as i stare at the bench. i get a feeling of terror. because i don't actually know what it is- and that it is multiple things all at once. schizophrenic almost. in some sense it has discombobulated into a soup of possibilities, and that terrifies me. my reality melting. many phantom realities smearing my perception of the world.

if i am not thirsty- i will dismiss the water fountain as something that's coming in my way. but if i am in a desert- the water fountain becomes my existential savior. a godsend. so things- despite appearing as much static objects- are constantly in flux between multiple realities.