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software program of mind
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

like locking the door at night etc. probs doesn't matter cause 99.9% time it's fine.

but it's the software and algorithm of keep doing it that matters.

imagine if her state officials were caught throwing out her vote only because she was a democrat.

sure it's one vote. but the fact that the malicious software exists of such an action indicates that the software can lead to fraud. another example is wearing a seatbelt.

such, instilling good softwares matter.

cause it's also a matter of sustainability and what will sustain over time.

like when i was in the surrealist and wrote the song lux- it was a huge success and saw many listeners. but it was a quick burnout, as it took me 6 months to write the next song and it failed, and i hated myself as an artist. because the software of mind when writing lux- took into account societal pressures and expectations to a great degree- and had the intention (software) of trying to impress and break boundaries.

but now my software ofnmind is to chase that darkness...that dark energy. and though each release may be more understated. i find it to be REAL, and what's real is what stays true over time, and thus such a software of mind will be more meaningful and real and successful in the long run. like look at animals as leaders- amazing...but i'm not the kind of person who would be able to sustain that image and performance virtuoso for the rest of my life- it isn't my calling as an artist.

redundancy of safety