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tasting the intentionality
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM


A menu item of a triple stack burger is different than me going out of my way to build it myselff with three single burgers since they didn’t have the triple option.

I can taste the intentionality.

in the same way, me getting the 20pc mcnuggets is different than me buying two 10pc nuggets.

i can taste the difference.

and it isn't so much the food that is different. it is the experience and context in which the food resides me. -  careful here...this essay should be about intention and thought process behind something. like how the instrumental version of the kill by thirty seconds to mars is cool- and there's this mysterious feeling that the creators of it wanted you to hear it and experience it in this way, as opposed to just putting out the instrumental song and calling that the official version. context plays a role for sure, but that's a separate essay.

me opening up one box of food is a whole different experience than me opening two boxes of half the foods. there is something about the experience and thought process behind the actions of both the producer and consumer of the food that changes the lens, and therefore the taste of the food itself.

As I eat this airline food- I realize that I’m not just eating the food itself (the materials), I’m ALSO consuming the environment.

That’s probably why I love airline fold, because of the context in which I eat them in....in a closed space, above the air, no alternative, scarce.

that's why food taste better when it's free, or when you are depleted and come across food is the desert. the context and prior conditions are changing the experience and percerion of the food, and thus the food itself.

fast food and restaurants capitalize on this. with restaurants creating a fine decor and ambiance: yellow walls symbolize relaxation as you eat. you are consuming the airconditioning along with the food.

you are, in a meta-sense,  consuming the smoke on the grill as you eat the barbecue burger.

nothing nateriallaly about the food changes, yet everything about the food changes.

an intensional framing of reality - the authors intention changes the perception and experience of whatever thing you are consuming. whether food or art