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underlying substrates of reality
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

and we all share the same substrates. the substrate of inferiroriy, that energy, that space that framework, is the same for all of us. fight your fear and win, for the good of us all. overome your inferiorrity, for the good of us all..

substrates of consciousness - logic, reason, mathematics, love, inferiority, confsuion.

the codes for the appearances in our consiocuness

Serjan burlak:

Serjan Burlak, [Oct 15, 2020 at 11:24:36 AM]:

yesterday I wrote one sentence... and started to rotate it. The more I rotated it, the truer and powerer it felt

I want to trust honestly in God

God honests in my trust

God honests my want to trust

My trust honests God

God trusts my honesty

I honest my trust in God

I God my trust

I honest my God

I honest my want in God

I honest God

God honests me.

Honesty Gods me

God wants trust

Trust wants God

Trust wants Honesty

Honesty gods the trust

God trusts honest want

Honesty gods the trust

Trust gods the honesty



i can feel it

as if each word was equa in its weight


interesting as i read this. it feels as though you are saying that trust and honesty itself inhabit a consciousness

trust and honesty as driving forces of this universe

i have had similar thoughts but with logic and reason

to see these not as human concepts but as substrates of reality

that these substrates IS existence itself.

i cannot imagine an existence without the existence of logic math and reason.

that god IS reason itself.

that perhaps you cannot have existence without the existence of mathematics. it is one and the same. it wouldnt make sense to have an existence without logic. it is unthinkable. so god IS that. or it could be that there is something outside of consciousness....a concept that is beyond "is", that consciousness is just one mode of "it" or "that".