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the case for the ego_identity
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Nov 26, 2021 9:16 PM

when my friend and i look into a mirror together there is a certain signature when i look at myself vs when i look at him. that i am this body- and he is that body. imagine if i treated both of the bodies in the reflection the same. wouldn't that be a trip.

in the same way- when i see two objects in the table- one mine, one my friends- there's a certain aura around the object that is mine-

if i see a list of names on the whiteboard with mine in it- there's a distinct signature of a feeling when i'm looking at my name vs someone else's. what is this distinct signature? what is this feeling? is that ego?

reference the quote (i think it's by terence mckenna)- the sole purpose of the ego is to know who’s mouth you're putting your food i to when you're at the dinner table.

reference or link to illusion of ownership? but that's a seperate essay i think..