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i am god on earth
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

What if my mind is a universe itself? What if inside my mind exists a vast amount of space and time, and dark matter? And my reality is simply a projection or interpretation of my mind’s work. What if everyone is simply a product of my mind, and I’m a product of other peoples mind? And what if the universe I’m living in is simply another being’s mind? And I wouldn’t call this more conscious or higher dimensional necessarily, though he/she/it could very well be. Now imagine a tesseract, a 4th-dimensional object. This object has enges and corners that move within each other and morph within each other. That is, there are points on this 4th dimensional space that move into each other, and morph out as well. What if this is analogous with our minds? Remember that I am the same as the universe. I am the same thing looking back at itself whenever I look out into the cosmos. I just don’t understand what im saying at this point, as I only comprehend 3 dimensional space. But perhaps we’re living in someone else’s mind (or ”universe”). Just like a fish who isn’t aware of water since it’s always been in it, perhaps we too are not aware of the nature of what we are living in, the natre of reality, the nature of consciousness.

Ah yes, now I remember what I mean by tesseract and the 4th dimension. Based on what I’ve just written, I could very well be living in a universe that is essentially some other being’s mind. But I too, have a mind, thus a universe ‘within’ my mind (or maybe mind = universe). So what this would entail is that there is an inception of universes that keep going and going into an infinite series. Now what if these universes/minds are somehow points of a tesseract? That they come out of each other and morph into each other, just like a tesseract? Given that reality I’m experiencing is simply a projection of my mind, the mutual reality is simply the summation/approximation/amalgamation of everyones’ projection of their minds,

My mind projects reality, yet this other beings reality created I?

There are talks of how the brain is basically a replica of the universe, the neuroanatomy, the patterns, etc.

This could explain why theres so much evil and war, and love beauty and kindness at the same time. Our own personal egoistic desires, sexual desires, misery, hatred, and also love and kindness are a microcosm of all these things. But microcosm is the wrong word because our own minds are universes themselves. And within our own minds, the conscious beings within them also experience all of my sparse feelings through war, etc. In my acid trip, I got messages that the 2nd highest degree and order of living is to be philosophical and mathematical, and theoretical, and the 1st highest order was to JUST BE. Maybe if I had spent all my time and life just being, the universe within my mind would be better, and maybe thus the projection of reality of my mind would also get more ordered? The 2nd law of thermodynamics states that the universe is getting more disordered moment by moment. But perhaps if we just be, we would get total order and bliss, that’s at least the message I got on my trip.

In around man many billions of years, the universe will experience heat death due to too much entropy. Should I simply drop everything and meditate, and become one with nature to preserve my mind and to preserve the order in the universe of my mind?