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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

Novelty and going forward

When apple first introduced iphone it was amazing

Imagine if apple make a big press announcement and event for the same iphone each year

Would it tstil be as amazing? But shouldnt it tho?

So its not so much the iphone,

It is what the iphone represents - the substrate of advancement and achievement, that is what is being sold not so much the thing in itself - actually, link this with essay on hedonism?? Ho a phone each year seems sort of pyschopathic, excessive.

So going back tot he first iphoen -t irt wasnt so much what the iphone is or was, but what it came from. Where it stepped from - and perhpaa in some meta sense that IS what iphone is. Not so much the phone, the brick of the phone. But the step up of innovation it is.