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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

Image courtesy of Nate Hill, https://www.natehillphotography.com.au/

treadmill theory of consciousness: why motion may be an illusion

Sam Harris mentioned this and used a term for it…like ontological universe but a different word than ontological

The idea that causality might babckwards

That is to say,

We are heading towards more advancement in technology, advancement in knowledge, advancement in everything

Trying to reach perfection and bliss in consciousness

But does that not sound like the starting point of being??

Seems like we are headed towards the “beginning of being”, the original state hahaha

This really flips causality on its head. And the idea of future and past.

The fact that we are constantly learning, trying to find the truth, trying to fine tune our morality and ethics

It’s really the seek for truth that shows that causality May be backwards

But at the same time...maybe it’s not about the end result but the journey back home.



Life sia constante refinement of what one is and what one is doing. God becoming.