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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

and thus it is going against god to be self hating, to be timid, to feel like i don't matter, to feel like i cannot.

by definition i can do more than i can think of, because i don't know myself and i didn't create myself, i only have limited assumptions of my capabilities. since i didn't make myself- by definition- it doesn't make sense to go against myself, or to feel shame of who i am

thus when i look at someone, i shouldn't feel inferior or feel nonconfident- or feel any shame. for when they look at me, they are seeing god, or gods creation.

another essay- “i did create myself”

or if i am both god and gods creation then i did make myself.

or creation just happens- things are self emergent. no god created me. i didn't create me. i am creation and that's all there is. no dualist element