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i operate on negative emotion
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

i don't exist

describe what it feels like to have no self.

it feels like there is just existence. just mysterious appearances of being. reality feels a lot more open and free, and also less anthropromorphic. i don't feel human. i feel like a spectator in counter strike. feels like rush 2

I feel like i am inside a mind - it feels dreamlike and mysteriouslike, like i am in some arcadia.

There is just all of this.

In some sense, all wars are wars within oneself.

i am merging with reality. who i am is a mystery. whatever existence is is a mystery. i am mystery. i am darkness.

i have been both deeply depressed and terrified over this but also beautified and awe inspired.

but now when i look at other people, i get the same confusion..who are they? and do they know who they are etc.

the fear of never having been