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i do not own my entire mind
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

going fully deep into something vs. experiencing as many things as possible

as i sit here watching shutter island for the 15th time..i love it. i'm starting to really understand the characters, story, etc. and it is a different experience each time.

ok the same way i obsessed over a handful of bands .. my chemical romance, animals as leaders, meshuggah.

there is something to be said about going deep into something...vs. diversity. i found myself starting to understand the mindset of my chemical romance. so much to be said here. every little inflection of frank iero vs ray toro, etc.

the idea that there's an entire universe in one thing- there's diversity within the singularity vs experiencing singular things in diversity.

relates to career and philosophy of living life/ do i want to experience as many things as possible? or do i wish to go deep into something...to find the hidden cracks of the places nobody has been.