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emergence_ emergence of self and free will
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

Self emergent nature of the universe. No god. Nothing outside. Simply self emergence. Simply intrinsic mysteriousness.

emergence is one of the most beautiful

marks of reality…

the idea that beauty itself stems from beauty. that music stems from music. that things come to be by themselves..

different essay? - exist by imperfection? how imperfections are what cause emergence? and diversity of life? - i only have 5 fingers - why not 6? or 7? surely having more fingers would be better? thus my 5 finger design is flawed because it is not perfect, because there is a would-be better alliterative. there is a more perfect design which i am not. and thus my very existence stems from imperfection of design. my human mind can only imagine what a perfect design would be - to be everywhere all the time. but this would be the same thing as not existing at all. thus my existence- or existence of anything - existence itself - is depending on it not being a perfect design. therein lies a point where one has to allow for imperfection for that design to be, its limitations, its contraints, its non-abilities. a plate is a plate because it is not able to be a spoon (unless i am crazy and make it so). some designs are so flawed that that is their selling point, that is their aura and allure, — and that is existentially valid. we love birds because they can fly and we cant. we are in awe of deep sea cretures because they can withstand deep rprssures we cannot. thus our imperfections render our wonder for being. and thus our flourishment too. there is a reason why those superman comics became unnattrctive - because superman was able to do everything, we stopped relating to him.

Identity is not something you brainstorm from the beginning. It's a self emerging property that arises from the multiple parts. Don't contemplate or think of an identity before you start writing. Simply writing. The identity will emerge on its own.

if the universe is deterministic and selfless...how is it that a self deterministic system can give rise to an entity that thinks it's a self that has free will? how and why?- perhaps as a function of evolution and competition. but then it's not an illusion if it has a function. because if it were an illusion with a function, that would mean that the awareness that it's an illusion would inhibit the system. that consciousness would self destruct its system....hmmm

where in causality does this map-