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fourth (4th) dimension
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM
  • if 4th dimensional objects come in and out of this 3d existence, like it gets bigger and smaller..
  • and if - from the size and treadmill essay, that things dont go farther away or come closer, or that youre moving towards things that get bigger or smaller...but insted get bigger and smaller, fade in and out of existence‚Ķ

(eg as i walk on the roof of pearl city center, the boundary walls get bigger and smaller into nothingness.)

Then arent these 4th dimension objects? Or somehow linked to the fourth dimension?

Is this linked with time somehow? Spacetime? Moving towards something (which is to say - to bring something into your existence) takes time..

The rate at which things appear fading in and out is what time is...