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choosing to be born_. best possible existence
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM
  • mapping out the framework of life to be in the best way possible. - this is the premise. to live life with the best possible philosophy. to assume the best possible philosophy.

what if i chose to be born?

what if i chose to be born in a 3rd world place poor and all. sort of flips the script on morality and privilege. like if before you were born you had elected to have this set of circumstances and life.

maybe you chose the “harder life” (even tho i argue that's everyone's life is hard in their own way) for more spiritual growth- or a certain type of spiritual growth.

sort of flips the script on many things. like the idea of free will- since you chose beforehand, predetermined your life and are now living it. like it were some movie. it's funny cause what if you made all your choices already before you were born- in some sense you both do and don't have free will then.

and what if we were to live with the belief that we did choose to be born- relates to the idea that we want to construct life in the best possible of circumstances. i.e we chose to be born etc.