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contending with consciousness
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

for a long time now, i have been question the idea of whether the whole idea of consciousness is even real. whether consciousness is real. there's a part of me that just sees life, lives life, and that life exists. not consciousness. that there's some sort of substrate of observation / that is what i am contending with. that the consciousness of life is higher than life itself- that is what i am contending with.

because to include a concept of consciousness in the “equation” is to create this sort of veil of separation between me and life.

but i- like everyone else- also do not fully understand what consciousness is. so perhaps what i am contending with is my current idea of what consciousness is. not consciousness itself.

but maybe consciousness is a moot point to begin wjth.

That enlightenment is the right path- that it is the path that should be taken or is the best path to take. That is to say that all other paths are lesser, or less significant, or that the concept of enlightenment renders all other modes of being useless. Even the word “enlightenment” itself implies that it is the highest or the right order of being- which places a judgement on everything else- makes everything else seem insignificant- because it isn’t enlightenment, or those not pursuing the path of enlightenment are somehow blind or not getting it. Oh the awakened one! Implying that those who aren’t awake are blind or are in the dark. It really is the judgmental nature of it and that it’s the supreme mode of being, that it’s better or right, or somehow it’s deeper or it’s more profound than anything else. That’s what it is. That music, art, desires, exploration and passion aren as important as the fact that you’re AWARE that you’re passionate.

That the consciousness of life is higher than life itself. That is what we must contend with.