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hardness of reality
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Dec 21, 2021 9:27 PM

how concrete/gravitized/down to earth reality seems. gravity. concrete. weight. pedestrianness. buildings.

gravity. concrete. it is what alfred borden refers to when he says “escape...from this...” in the prestige as he knocks on the hard concrete buulding wall.

one aspect of hardness of reality:

perhaps of the ways "hardness of reality" is pertained is by the lack of respawning-or our assumption that we don't respawn. i'm playing legendary mode halo three, and i'm being so careful-therefore taking a long time- that i i don't die. and this actually renders the "hardness of reality" even within the game. traits of hardness of reality-takes more time, more little steps, methodologist, more normalcy as far as interaction goes, taking my time, not jumping around everywhere. and i guess our behaviour son real life are like this too. imagine if i did in halo, i respawn back to beginning. or better yet, if i didn't respawn at all! id probably take much much longer- probably as long as real life- to do the game, as id be as lifelike careful as possible. as if it were (and in this case it would be) a mater of life and death. it seems like the i inability to respawn renders our behaviors and our life to be "harder" (ref also: quantum imortality, that perhaps we do respawn! we just don't know it, or that we do die but our memory justifies it as a dream etc. and we wake up in an alt universe. i've had feelings like i've died in a dream but then woke up. that we are immortal to ourselves and that i live in a universe where i am immortal but everyone else dies, or that i wake up in an lt universe or something)