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is consciousness a number?
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

can consciousness get bigger and smaller?

is it countable?

is having two conscious minds more consciousness than having one conscious mind?

i wonder about propagation of my art

and i wonder the preciousness of my consciousness

before i had the notion that i want to propogate my music to as many people as possible - and i still embody this notion. but this is only the x axis, and doesn't take into account depth.

if i had 10,000,000 minds listening to my music - this is amazing

but if i had 1,000 deep minds deeply listening - this is....sacred

and i wonder if i simply extrapolate this idea down to its extreme

that would lead to the idea that to have 1 mind....which is my mind....

that is to say, that to go infinitely deep into DARK with just one mind - my mind, might be the highest ideal...

or i wonder if the aspect of "other" needs to be taken into account? or is my mind and my own exploration of my mind a sufficient purview of what consciousness is?

like to let another person's music infiltrate my consciousness is a big deal to me- even though i am one person. my consciousness is infinite and vast to me. and to allow another content to arise within it is something sacred. to listen to someone else - to let their thoughts espouse my mind, is precious and sacred. and vice versa.

this is perhaps a separate essay on consciousness as a value. or value of one's consciousness.

i think this is a separate point:

the preciousness can exit despite 1 or 10000 conscious minds. a large number does not discount it.