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i hate your looks
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

I hate your looks

but you just happened to be born into your looks

Just like I was born into mine

so who am I to judge yours?

I could’ve been born into your looks

And more fundamentally, what really is there to hate? Why do I hate your looks?

What is it about me that finds ugliness? Am I the ugly one then?

You’re beautiful.

and to add further

i was born with no choice but to hate your looks

i have no control over what i hate

i just hate

so it isnt me who is hating

it isthe primordial bedrock of being that is rendering this hate

and both you and i are born from this same condition

thus i can never take it personally that somebody does not like my looks.

so it is two energies coalescing, resolving dissonance

if i am simply aware of this

it stops being hate

and becomes fascination.