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size of subjective experience
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

ants see themselves as we see ourselves - literally. they see themselves as normal-sized beings living in a normal-sized worlds. - as we see ourselves. quite perplexing if i think about it more and more.

we see ants as small. but that's now how they seem themselves. they experience life the way we do- as people. and this goes for all conscious minds.

that perhaps the size of subjective experience is the same across the board- of all beings.

this can be quite destabilizing because it ruins the notion of objective superiority of one species over another- why should a third person perspective on size matter when the first person side of things across all beings is the same. if i were an ant it would be the exact same thing as i am now- only with different subjective contents.

(and it makes me think that we may be perceived as ants through the lens of a higher order of magnitude. )