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pursuing and believing in something...seeing it in other companies
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

feeling like a pursuing business/entrepreneurial person now...believing in something...seeing it in other companies

like as i eat beyond meat and see its website. great marketing and identity etc...like now i know the game and the sincerity of things in a sense. like i believe in something, in my own cause and truth, and i see that in beyond meat. and other companies etc...things have just opened for me, perception wise.

as you go through the entrepreneurial and business journey, you see the entrepreneurial and business hounrye/things in other entities. and this frame of thinking and awarneess can be applied to all things.

if you have a cause, or are in some sort of endeavor—that which you are endeavoring in, you see that endeavor in all other things.

and i wonder if this related to jordan petersons point on how your ambitions blind you to reality. but i would like to add - its not just blinding, but also awakening. AND MAYBE THEY ARE THE SAME THING - to blind in one way is to also awaken something to. i wrote about this in existential - pathway to expansion via reduction. example: proof being reductionistic.

and this opening up of my senses was only possible when i truly believed in something deeply. i had my spots of reservation with spotify. a hesitance. not really believing in it 100%. one has to be 100% all in in what they are doing.