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frame of mind supersedes material reality
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

as i. build this website...

reframing of mind is all

man reframing and restructing layout/redefining layers of pages etc. renaming and reversing things..

compeltely alters one's headspace and fame okf mind...

because it is true to say that it could be deemd as a glorified "blog".

but it isnt! what is a "blog"? you could say it is a grouping of text...

and how is that diffetent from software etc?

the reframing of mind SUPERSEDES or is deeply integrated with what the thing actually is. the headspace...the mental lens....perspective..compeltely transforms the site 100%. and it is so fucking beautiful

and now i actually believe in the product. i want the whole world to see this.

im not just showing content now. i am showing a framework of thinking. a new mapping of the world. a new way of seeing things. a new headspace.

renaming is reframing. something so small.

so to follow objectivity is itself a lens.

now there is this idea that perhaps it is best that we all adopt the same lens - that that is the ideal in many ways - to have a shared reality or a shared space - and that is objectivity - and that would lead to the maximal flourishing of collective consciousness. but what if it is my frame of mind vs. a thousand? a million? the higher the numbers does not make it right. what if i espouse a truth that i truly believe to be real, just, right, more beautiful than most people? (ref; groupthink, war with other artists) - my goal with DARK is to steer this collective to that frame of thinking. and whether or not it is actually real seems like a non sequitur, a misinterpretation of being. a reduction.