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the strangeness of reality
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

had an alarmingly foreign lens my mind espoused as i was walking on the sidealk seeing the cars driving on the road...it is all very strange and surreal. genuinely. existentially.


one needs to hold on to what is primordial (ref: transendance of simulation)

similar // another essay:

on seeing me and everyone and everything on earth like a sim city map. and that i am in it. imagining gods eye view, and then god (i) coming into it, being immersed and a part of it. that's the sensation i had when gazing at the road, a feeling like of its trsngeness, but with the understanding of why it is so. because of gravity, of transport, etc. actually it was because of these reasons that i got that strange feeling—like it all came from nothing, and it required human endeavor and problem solving for these conditions of being to be. i have this assumption that this is always the way it was, that roads and cars always existed and are the norm—but they are NOT the norm. it is simply one pathway in which we have chosen to live and build society. it is a strange feeling because it gives me a feeling that this isn't real reality, and that it feels somewhat strange and foreign. and that it is foreign to all of us in an actual sense, but through repeated immersion in it, it has grown to become norm. but if you really pay attention, it isn't. it is simply an answer to gravity. and this puts me in a birds eye view of god.

reminds me of the essay on ants - i feel like a specimen in a sim city video game.