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non-player characters
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

It is so strange how other people exist, or seem to exist. it could be that they dont and that they are characters of my story, that they are non player characters.

i remember seeing an exceprt from wayne dyers book. people arent real. the actions are real, the people arent.

scary if you think about it. a univerce fill ed with non player charcters, but super cool !

put in solipsism (or arguments against it):

the problem with this theory that i am alone in the universe is that the whole endeavor of philsoophy is to find a philosophy in which that it leads to the best outcome if EVERYONE subscribed to it. so if eeryone became solipsistic, it would lead to a degradation and malfloursihment of the total collective consciousness, (the idea of the jordan peterson version of truth-make new essay on it )(but maybe truth is maladaptive to evolution, etc reference it), cause such an installation of philsophy on a mind would lead it to become a recluse, or see everyone as an object of their disposal. thus anachy ensues when everyone thinks it. sam harris brought up the occams razor arguement of if my biologic makeup is the same as others, - and it is - chances are they are conscious too. but i never liked occams razor.