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evolution as an expression of a deeper substrate
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

that i got terrified of a spontaneous burst of water from a waterfall on the road

could be argued to be an evolutionary thing - that my defense mechanisms have kicked in for me to be more alert, adrenaline for one to protect myself.

but existentially, it makes sense to be afraid suddenly. i don't see how my soul wouldn't be. it is most logical and just to have been afraid. to have have been would be a surreal universe that does not follow reason and logic. to emphasize: my soul. poetic like. that the poetic nature of my soul supercedes or renders the evolutionary feature. or it just so happens to be evolutionary too. or that both systems of thinking are one and the same or that they see both part of a deeper underlying substrate of being.

because i-my existence-me-my being- was scared. so it could be that my entire sense of self is nested within evolution. or that it is compatible with it. but i don't think it's purely reduced to evolution (or evolution itself is not reduced to chemicular narrative- it is an expression or reflection or replication of something).

thing applies to all features of evolution-eyesight, to see, eyes, to have appearances. evolutionary it's good for protection and propagation of genes. but existentially it is a primordial trait of consciousness.

a deeper substrate that is more soul-like, or a persona.