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a deflation mechanism of mind: not killing people
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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

i remember talking about this when i was experiencing back anxiety post acid trip...search it it:

that i didn't kill anybody. (amongst other things like not going limp or stuttering like that guy who took a laced molly tablet) therefore i am okay...

and i can apply this framework to other people -

deflated my contemptuous and hatred and jealousy of them, and instead sees them in a good light

that jared leto doesn't kill people, never has. therefore he is couched in love. he doesn't intentionally harm people. and i think this is a good primer for how one should look at people. to see people as christ like. not killing, just doing their best, playing the game. i cannot hate. it's a fallacy.

"i would rather be pretentious than be a serial killer".

but there is an argument to be made that by treating or planting things on a moral relative structure like this allows one to negate everything. almost everything compared to serial killing is good.

but that should not discount the ill energy of all other things that are "better" than killing...