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Nov 26, 2021 9:17 PM

-being in a strangers house. being welcome in the living room. but the kitchen area feels like i'm traversing out of bounds. existential. and it is real. that signature of consciousness. to be in an out of bounds area, or unchartered, one can extract that primordial signature of being. and it is real. that something as pedestrian as walking into the kitchen area, feels existentially risky and out of bounds, of an unfamiliar and unwelcomed, and a deeper realm, than the living room. it is so real. a feeling of danger. of mystery. of being caught. of being not of this area. of feeling revelation of this.

-and i suppose i felt that with ikea...one way or another (ref: the only way out is through it.)

-ref: being a stranger in a stranger land. i love that signature. but it gets eroded through time and of being in that place for a longer time.

-relatred but similar: my whole revelation surrounding living in a nice apartment - see evernote- essentially un upgrade of ones contents of consciousness. secret base. the idea of having endgame home etc. it being a worthwhile investment or expenditure. not trying to save on that but rather pay a premium for it, to get the dream. and most importantly that idea of forming a relationship with your surroundings. not feeling in that temporary state. but in a state of fulfillment and of endgame. that japanese tradition of the relationship with one's surroundings and objects of consciousness. where one lives is essentially a nest for one's mind - especially if one dwells there for long hours. it is not to be dismissed. you are in your mind when you are in the world. and thus where one resides, and when one is in it, is to be in one's mind. this does sort of tie back to the first point of how out of bounds area reveal out of bound signatures of one's mind.