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loans from alternate universes, borrowed
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Jan 9, 2022 3:13 AM

sharing elements between alternate universes.

existential: photo of my friend wiht my parents. what if it were borrowed from an alternate universe where ishaan really was their son, and it is simply appearing in my consciousness now under a different guise/context/narrative. like what if all elements in this universe were a conglomeration of elements from several alternate universes, and simply appears as a logical coherent world in my consciousness, when really all may be random strings from all universes. like take any element, say my phone for example, it appears that i'm holding it, but it may simply be resting in space, and is shared amongst several universes in which in this particular moment, the appearance is simultaneously coherent amongst several narratives and streams of realities. the car going by is not just a moving object but is a shared object in several universes (resolutions may apply where even a single hair of jesus's head is different, but if you resolve these micro(?) differences, you indeed can get shared denominators of objects, or at least the underlying intent and substrate and function of said objects)

another example—being in a room with a friend. she and i are friends in this universe, but imagine we are lovers in another. and in that universe she and i are in the exact same room in the exact same setting with the exact same clothing and exact same positioning, atomically. only by virtue of context

if you grant that there indeed is a multiverse of infinite universes, that means there indeed is a universe in which we are lovers, having this exact same moment.

so by extension, this could very well be that moment too, and that it is a shared moment in both universes.

and this seems like a very efficient way to run a multiverse.

(i actually wonder if i can somehow snap myself into that tramline such that we are lovers...)—maybe in imagination....ref: reality as a function of the imagination.

(also ref: idea of what is most efficient may be what's most true. it is more efficient for alternate universes to share same elements of other universes on different yet simultaneous tramlines, than to have a weight of carbon copies across universes. this actually thus turns each object into a center of the universe, and by extension, the center of all possible (or at least infinite) universes. each object thus may not even move, but the entire unverse(s) around it would (ref: essay on exit by contrast/merging with reality). and this is true for all objects. as if each object lived in its own dimension, being its own center of several possible universes. and this applies to people and their sense of self, how each person is a new center of the cosmos (although this is true in one infinite universe since infinite space has infinite centers (or no centers)), and we are simultaenous universes coming in and out of the multiverse. i experienced this on acid. (ref: quantum immortality, how each person is the main character of their own universe so to speak, and they dont die, but others around them do)

add to that essay on borrowed elements from alternate universes—i've had this thought experiment where imagine seeing a movie of one's future, or if i were to present scenes of myself now to my past self— how one can paint it as a heaven or as a hell, by isolating specific things out of context (context—oooh), and presenting them as a narrative in a way that makes things look good or bad. like imagine seeing a scene in my future where i was talking to a girl on video call (as i was), had my last self seen that it would have assumed that we were in a relationship and i'd be swimming in joy. but "in reality" it was an intermittent moment in a call with another friend. similarly i can paint scenes for my last self where i am a crazy schizophrenic, by talking to myself in my apt, looking confused or insane etc etc. deceptive narration. so apply this to future scenes, where i paint my future life, or if i get scenes from my future, without context, any narration can be painted. and this really fascinatingly links to that idea of borrowed elements from alternate universes. (BUT ITS NOT NECESSARILY ALTERNATE UNIVERSES—NOT THE RIGHT WORD OR PERHAPS THE IDEA OF UNIVERSE AND DEFINITION NEEDS TO BE CHANGED OR REFINED—ITS RATHER ALTERNATE TRAMLINES OF THE SAME ELEMENTS OR OBJECTS OR EVENTS. AS SUCH AN OBJECT SIMULTANEOUSLY EXISTS ON TOP OF MULTIPLE TRAMLINES. such as what if there does indeed exist an alternate tram line in which the girl and i are in a relationship , and that experience i just had with her is a shared element from that alternate tram line. so existential. and in those moments i pretend for a moment i am in that alternate tram line. and thus, in reference to subjective continuity (ref), it seems as though my life is a series of these shared borrowed events that occur amongst infinite tram line, and my brain builds subjective continuity through logic and reason. when "actually" it may be a soup/series of empty phenomena that roll on and off, in each moment (ref to that idea that everything up to this point was a false memory?)

one can create or de-create realities based on filters of things and events. eg the media ←-seperate yet deeply interconnected essay? media parades itself as what one ought to know, care about, and pay attention to, and implies 'what is going on in the world', when its actually arbitrary if you zoom out. it is a filter. it is a creation and decreation of reality. and has a neferous undertone and overtone of fear, scarcity, and doubt. but it is not what is going on in the world. tje news never reports about how a new tree is born, or a bird gliding over the sky. or of the sunset.

and i see this framework of borrowed elements from alternate universes manifest everywhere, al the time. all events or particular experiences can indeed be reframed as being shared elements from alternate universes, literally everything. i can dream up a tramline on any given moment. and my life is simply the subjective continuity of a coherent linear narrative that makes sense to me.

i reckon schizophrenia - or that strain of mind - creates a subjective continuity that breaks this coherence and cohension of logical linearity.

same concept applies to individual sense perceptions too, even within the same event or sphere of consciousness experience. my eyes, might indeed see one thing or see its environment, and my ears may hear the congruent audio of that environment, but it may also be a shared/borrowed audio element from a simultaneous tram line that is sharing that audio but not visual. i wonder if this is what schizophrenia is, or can be. where a mind is split amongst different channels

and this opens this theory up to all slices of elements of the contents of consciousness. even something as simple as a glass

this seems like a very efficient way to run a multiverse. where instead of there being multiple universes with multiple carbon copies of me with only an atom’s diference, it could be that all the things that are indeed the same are shared amongst all multiverses, and only the differences exist separately as potential (but even these differences are shared amongst those universes that have those differences as being the same).

this each object, and actually down to each atom, is a center of an infinite multiverse, but not all multiverses (some infinites are bigger than others), as there also exist infinites of universes where that object doesn't exist.

but to further extend...aren't all atoms the same? or if you break things down to their simplest component - are they all the same? doesn't that mean there literally is just one object taking on multiple forms and tram lines...?


i wonder if there exists an essay that will cause the universe to collapse on me...