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music as a lens of the world
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

i have always felt music changing my reality as i listen.

it is as if musical pieces are lenses to look at the world through.

lenses unmasking certain portions of reality.

to listen to a beautiful piece of music and witness people around me change.

to notice things in people’s expressions and mannerisms that would otherwise be overlooked without music.

aggressive music will contextualize all people with aggression.



as if each person were expressing their repressed emotion through each footstep.

with ambient music it will reveal an existential narrative.

instead of seeing two people interacting on the street.

they turn into two energies coalescing.

they appear to like empty vessels of consciousness.

fully automatic.

like non—player characters.

puppets of the cosmos.

it is both strange and amazing.

it even happens with objects.

it might be a pointer to panpsychism.

as if the objects around me knew something.

or were up to something.

and when i listen to deep ambient music, every sound from every action, and the action itself, seems to have some sort of purpose, some sort of "fitting in" with the music it is im listening, or that headspace. that is to say, as i listen to the music, it gives me that headspace, and that headspace makes everything feel totally aligned...as if opening the vodka bottle, pouring a drink and putting it on the table, and taking a swig, as i listen, makes me feel like (or it reveals) how everything has some sort of fitting in to it, it adds to the narrative, it is deeper and stronger and embedded with a meaning that is unbeknownst to ordinary conscious experience. a sort of push, a coolness to it. a drive. as if it were making a point. every action and the sound of it.