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revealing deeper realities
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

i have always felt that the music is a representation of something deeper and more vast.

normative day—to—day consciousness is low resolution.

swimming only on the surface.

treating only immediate sensory inputs

sensory inputs as primary reality.

mundane circumstances for mundane awareness.

no gaze into the abyss.

music sinks into deeper levels of being indescribable in words.

it is a reminder that there lies a deeper underbelly to all of this.

music is not music but a series of pointers.

there is something about these sounds to be drawn into.

to chase after.

to claw at.

to build music that seems to reveal deeper realities of both the interior and exterior landscapes of mind.

to create sonic spaces for thoughts to manifest. to think, introspect, and get inspired by.

there is a depth to feel.

extending beyond the ordinary mind.

the z-space of the isness.

seeing something through x-rays.

through ultrasound.

through different rays.

you need to be casting them to see it.

if only i can get someone to feel what i feel.

even for a glimpse.

and even for myself.

as i come in and out of it.

badly oxygenated human.

sleep apnea.

living apnea.

when i play, compose or listen to something i resonate with—i wonder where it points to. it is not just audio, it is not just music you put on to hear. it actually points to something. and it reminds me that there exists a perfect design beneath us all. a primer that patternizes reality. and i feel calm, less neurotic, more trusting in life.