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cloud consciousness
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

to see a cloud move through space.

with infinite pathways it could take.

yet each path noble and right in its own way.

without fear the cloud chooses one.

and i am in awe of the direction this cloud has taken.

as i would be of any other direction it could have taken.

there is an element of seeing the validity in all things.

at a certain point--

one has to adapt to and find the beauty in what natural phenomena presents them

vs. confabulating what one thinks beauty should sound like.

there really is no one true path with composition. it is both terrifying and inspiring. terrifying because i want the "best" one-but even deeper, but i want the right one. i want to find the one that it was meant for. to achieve the "suchness" of a song, and having infinite pathways reveals that there is either infinite suchness in all paths, or no such suchness ever exists, and all is simply a concoction of different mixes of sounds.

i myself wish i could release a thousand variations of a same song. with all of its beautiful permutations. but i cannot. creativity is destruction.

it is interesting because i used to be someone who was microscopically at odds with everything. and i still am. at least i am aware of those microscopic details. not needing to dictate them, simply acknowledge them.

this is actually a problem. if i find the validity and bauty in everything, how do i navigate this composition?

but if i dont let it be, i am admitting to the existence of some hierarchial spectrum. or some measure...