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listening to myself
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

i did not create myself.

the grounds of being did.

so to listen to myself is to listen to the grounds of being.

and being myself is probably the greatest framework i can operate on.

because i am always myself.

and i will always be myself.

i am myself at all times.

and there will never be a moment when i am not myself.

it is an eternal condition of existence.

so chase it.

chase what speaks to me.

what does it mean to be myself.

since i did not create myself

there is something hidden.

it is not easy.

it means to be vulnerable.

to not be afraid of myself.

or exposing my true sense.

my true nature.

with temptation for ulterior motives.

or circuitous routes.

no more.

so to listen to myself is to listen to god

the belief in oneself is the belief in god

it is sacred to follow oneself

to follow one's vision

i need not cower in fear and shame

but to rest in confidence

in who i am

to follow ones vision is to follow the vision of the grounds of being

and as such, because i did not create myself, i do not know who i am. terryfing. humbling, but enriching with possibilities. we have default assumptions of our capabilities because we assume we know who we are. think about hiw we don't know how wcreated from being. how do we truly know what we were capable of? and the mind? i don't know my mind. so how can i assume it's power?

this is why i welcome depersonalization.

as such, i am the grounds of being.

source is unknown

i am unknown.