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essence of film scores
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

film scores are concentrated emotive drivers.

revealing the emotional potency of the motion picture.

using the energy of the soundtrack for as the primary driver behind emotion within motion pictures.

the content of the audio is promordial.

film scores bring out anxiety, hope, or depression within characters.

that, without music, film would be devoid of human connection.

imagine watching most films without its soundtrack.

there is an emptiness.

a blankness.

if purposefully omitted it is for a reason.

music carries the burden of guiding the viewer's perception.

with such potency, one can alter the narrative of the same scene simply by changing the underlying score.

film scores have that power over a film.

and it isnt obvious that films have that kind of power over audio.

music is the perception of the mind.