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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

building perception from the ground up. how to create something from nothing. the best tools and the tools i am most gravitated towards are the ones that remind me of this, that remind and point me back to the primordial nature of all things, source code. i tend not to acknwledge humankind's achieveents in building a society. it is miraculous if i think about it. to build a society out of nothing. i tend to think it was always lik this. it was not.

i suppose to make one's own food feels like that... i suppose this is what really connects you to earth. it reminds you of naturalness. of making things from scratch. building from natural ingredients to make something raw, natural, bespoke, and superior. a new realm. really cool when such things are actually more advanced, more carved, more attentive, sublime perfection, artisan handmade, and more perfect than mass produced material. and same with music too..my music. is handbuilt from scratch. each element. all sounds derived from me. my sound world.

Artisan", talking about how the best tools for me always feel like they were made from the ground up, making me feel connected with Earth.to to appreciate the wood on my rick toone guitar...a reminder of how precious and amazing it is. like this wood came from a TREE. it has a primordial pattern to it...a universe in it.

to have cut wood and have it suited and sown up from scratch. to build an amazing tool...

to have a handmade feel in my music. in all things, connected to the earth...a reminder of being human