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an ideal world
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Jan 1, 2022 3:24 AM

i live in an ideal world

where the most authentic work of an artist will also be the most successful for them in the long run.

where what is most sincere is also what is most flourishing.

where the most personal work is also the best work.

where one's vision will allow them to live freely.

to not have to worry.

where a purity of mind will also be the most successful mind.

where what is most beautiful of the artist is also most beautiful for the artist.

where the final realization of beatific vision and final maximal success is one and the same.

where the chase for that feeling one has comes with the promise for the full actualization of oneself.

in order to live in such an ideal world

i must also be ideal.

i cannot expect the external landscape to be ideal

if my internal landscape is not.

the attention would be in the wrong direction.

the attention is to be directed inwards.

i need to be ideal.

i need to live purely.

with sincerity.

where there is no ulterior motive.

no pretension.

no affectation.

where one creates work not to impress

but to enrich.

to deepen.

to claw at something.

to make something greater than oneself.

to not elevate oneself.

but to elevate reality.

to elevate honesty.

to elevate authenticity.

to elevate sincerity.

therein lies a two-way pathway--two channel.

in order for the world to be ideal

the artist must be ideal.

when i see myself living sincerely

i see the sincerity in other things.

when i live truthfully

truth opens up to me.

i remember that terence mckenna quote: "the world will lift you up".

to make amazing work.

to cultivate my mind.

to continue chasing the beatific vision.

this will yield maximal results for me in the long run.

this is the faith i have.

this is the software program of mind i will operate on.

this is the framework that drives me.

it is the only way to live.

i am to become the ideal world.

and to extend: that there lies the intersection between the quality of mind and the maximal success for the artist. i need not feel anxious and conscientous all the time to chase success or merit. for that is an erosion of my mind and thus of being itself. in order words, to be in constant angst and having to "work all the time" is actually worse success-wise, to be insecure when not working, to languish. that the top quality and purity of mind and maximal success is one at the same, not a sacrifice.

remember reality is counter intuitive. and not cliche.

optimization vs authenticity